June 17th-18th, 2017: Workshop Highlight with Sandra Pribanic
Understanding Body & Mindfulness: A Weekend Exploration of Embodiment, Presence and Aliveness

Join us for a weekend of self-exploration:
Learn about mindfulness, grounding, emotional flow and emotional “structure”, get curious about your bodies that you inhabit (physical, emotional, mental, energy, spiritual) and the underlying patterns reflected in your body.

Weekend Workshop:
▪ Teaching
▪ 11.00-1.00pm Lunch Break
▪ 01.00-4.00pm Teaching

You will practice and integrate the following:
Breath as a vehicle and anchor to help one return, over and over, to oneself
Mindfulness, Meditation, and Grounding
▪ Anchoring into one’s physical, emotional, mental, energy body
▪ The body as a faithful witness: anchoring into one’s physical, emotional, mental, energy body, and understand the unterlying energy-emotional-thought-belief patterns
▪ Practice mindful presence: find your deep anchor within, explore what happens „inside“ and bring more awareness to everyday life and relationships (to self and others)
▪ Learn what mindfulness, grounding, boundaries, emotional flow and “structure” have to do with strength, intentional living, ability to embrace change, healing and integration
▪ Improve your ability to apply these ideas professionally in addition to your personal journeys

▪ Learn specific experiential exercises and visualizations that you can use every day

Teachings will be based on a combination of theory-presentations and practical experiential exercises with guidance.

This weekend intensive is meant for anyone on a journey of a personal growth and self exploration, or deepening of already existing yoga / meditation / spiritual practice. The intensive is an opportunity to experience, explore, and solidify what you are working on in your personal journey, in a safe and intentional way.

Take the chance and join this weekend-intensive with this super kind, beautiful inside and out woman whos teachings will deepen your understanding about yourself and your mindfulness practice. Sandra comes to Salzburg for the first time ever and it is the only Workshop in Europe this year!

About Sandra:

Search for meaning and understanding led Sandra to study body-centered and psychodynamic psychotherapy, craniosacral and energy work, in Europe, USA and Canada. Her work is about exploring places where mind–body–heart–spirit can experience connectedness, about recognizing what moves and makes us alive, about bringing what is quiet within us to get heard, and about creating space for intense/difficult emotions. Above all, about making space for all there is. Sandra has facilitated workshops for women, co-facilitated workshops for couples, and was a faculty member at the Lionheart Institute for Transpersonal Psychotherapy in USA. She currently teaches “Listening Skills and Mindfulness” as part of David Robson’s Assisting School and Immersion at the Ashtanga Yoga Center of Toronto, as well as a series of self-exploration seminars based on mindfulness and body-centeredness. Her approach is holistic, engaging, and supportive of one’s unique individual journey. Sandra is a psychotherapist, teacher, yogi, wife, friend, and a proud mamma of her 3-year old son. She lives, works, and practices daily Ashtanga Yoga in Toronto, Canada. She tries to quiet her mind and find the still small voice within daily; and sometimes, she succeeds.

Location: Praxisgemeinschaft Salzachufer, Bergheim
Workshop-Fees (Early Bird*/Regular): 180,-/200,-
*Early Bird: Book now and pay until 31.3.2016

Feeling inspired now to come & join? – You could even combine it with a wonderful summer holiday weekend to beautiful Salzburg. There are lots of lakes that are wonderful for an afternoon swim. Register now if you don’t want to miss this chance (and catch the Early Bird)!

Payment details after Registration via: namaste(at) or via Contact form.


June 20th-25th, 2017: Retreat Highlight with Ralf Marzen
The 5 Bodies & Thaimassage
Ralf Marzen in Kärnten @ Dom Aurora

Healing the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of ourselves and our clients.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-06 um 12.04.55

This course is specially designed for Thai Massage Practitioners (only) to expand and deepen your understanding of Thai massage and of bodywork in general.


  • ’read’ your clients better and adjust your sessions to better suit each individual
  • understand more deeply what happens during the course of a treatment
  • work with your clients (and yourself) with more presence and more metta (loving kindness)
  • add many new techniques and tools to advance your massage practice

Using the ancient yogic map of the 5 koshas (5 bodies), we will explore how our treatments affect our clients (and ourselves) on physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

In the mornings…
…we focus on lectures, meditation, bodywork, discussions, and partner & group exercises to travel through the different layers of our being. These processes are inspiring, fun, at times challenging, and they will help us to create deeper insight and self-awareness for our bodywork practice.

In the afternoons…
…we transfer what we have learned onto the mat:
We will learn to address the 5 bodies more specifically and with clearer intention. This will be of great value to your practice, and will help to make your treatments less random and more specific to each individual.

To really deepen the time and to let it sink we will have early morning meditation & yoga classes. In the evenings we will be guided by wonderful Live music and we can fall aslepp in a beautiful soundbath.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-12-06 um 12.05.01

The retreat is located in Kraig/Klagenfurt in Kärnten which is in the south of Austria. In between the mountains and the forrest there is built a little treasure resort. We have a dome for our soundbaths, a wonderful and highly energized room to learn thaimassage, a wonderful dining area, you can sleep in your own chalet´s or rooms, we can enjoy a “hamam” together and of course you can take a swim in the pond right in front of your room, since there are two natural water ponds


June, 20th 2017: Arrival around 3 pm
June, 25th 2017: Departure around 3 pm

Early bird (Registration & Payment until 31.12.2016): € 1.020,-
Regular (Payment after 1.1.2017): € 1.150,-

The course fee, the food & accomodation, almost everything is included in the price. It´s an “All-in”-Package so that you don´t need to spend any extra money or worry too much about it.

Grassen 5, A-9311 Kraig Nähe St.Veit/Glan -> Google Maps

HOW TO GET THERE (from the page of Dom Aurora)

Curious about this place? Get some IMPRESSIONS->HERE

(Bed-)Rooms will be booked according to first come, first serve. (when cashed)

Take the chance, save your spot for this magic retreat soon and reserve the room of your choice – We want you to feel most comfortable and welcome at the magic place of Dom Aurora. There are different kinds of bedrooms:

Wooden 2-storey Chalets with a “living room area”, a bathroom and the bedroom for 2-3 people in the 1st level, plus a balcony overlooking the pond and the main building (Only four Chalets available – be quick if you want to stay this way or share with another person! – They are located in the “Dome-Building”)
– Cosy, beautiful and uniquely designed single or double bedrooms, with own bathroom and balcony overlooking a swimming pond and the “Dome building” – (Reserve your single room soon if you want to have the comfort of staying by yourself)

Once you register, you receive a “picture gallery” with rooms and can pick your favourite choice!