Tips for Yogis & FAQ

Tips for Yogis

Be a Yogi – Be on Time!
Ideally you arrive 5-10 minutes early. The practice room is open 20min before class starts so you have enough time to eventually shower, change clothes, unroll your mat, get props etc.

Come with an empty stomach.
Mahlzeit Take your last meal at least 2 hours before practice. You can drink sufficiently until 20min before practice to be hydrated, but don’t drink during practice. We are creating inner heat to arouse the digestive fire agni, not to extinguish it.

Respect your body, respect yourself!
Always inform the teacher before class about injuries or pregnancy. In case of a current injury or pain, adjust your practice accordingly, I am happy to give you advice. Women shall not practice within the first 3 days of their menstrual cycle. After day 4 don’t practice inversions and backbends until your period is over. Your body is your own responsibility. The best way to avoid injuries is to respect and accept your limitations.

Keep a space of silence in the room
Avoid to talk in the practice room. If there is an urgent question, give me a silent sign so I can come. Don’t forget to switch on your mobile phone, which remains in the changing room, AFTER practice.

Let your fellow practitioners keep their focus
In Yoga we practice also “Saucha”, what means outer and inner cleanliness. Leave your shoes, bags, clothes etc. in the changing room. The whole area of practice should be remained clean and sacred. Keep an eye on clean clothes and physical hygiene. If possible, take a shower before practice, not just for yourself but out of respect to others and the teacher. Strong odor can be quite distractice. Therefore avoid to have perfume or to smoke right before practice, since this can be also disturbing for your fellow practitioners. Bring your own towel for adjustments.

A Yogi always leaves a place a little nicer than it was before he arrived.
(David Swenson)

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

I would like to start with Yoga. How do I begin with it?
At the beginning it is best to join an Intro Workshop, which are being held regularly. Always register to save your spot. In case that there is no Intro Workshop when you start, you can always join in as well after a few weeks of practice and do it later to get an idea of the fundamental basics.

I am not flexible. Can I still begin with Yoga?
Great to hear, you are the perfect beginner for Yoga! Yoga does not mean, that you should be able to touch your head to your knee from the very beginning. Yoga offers you the way to flexibility, strength, balance and stamina. It is not about being able to do it right away but to learn and just practice whatever is possible for you. You will see the progress already after a few days.

What to wear?
Wear comfortable, stretchy clothes in which you can move easily. Don’t wear long-sleeve since it might be too hot. We practice barefeet.

What else shall I bring?
There are sticky Yoga mats, blocks and blankets in the yoga room. Also a hygienic spray to clean your mat afterwards. If you intend to come regularly, I highly recommend to purchase your own yoga mat (average work-out mats and camping mats are not suitable) due to hygienic reasons and more importantly to always have your mat with you and be able to practice wherever you are. You can find Yoga mats from € 20,- to € 100,-. I am happy to help you in finding the ideal mat for you and your budget.