About me

In 2004 I got introduced the first time to Yoga after which I had various experiences with it. During my 8-month India-Southeastasia-Trip in 2008 I met a Yoga Teacher who introduced me for the first time into Ashtanga Yoga. From the very beginning I was fascinated by this powerful and unique method and I caught the bug. Not only for Ashtanga Yoga but also for India itself, a place where I know I will always return to.


YogicPhotosSince this life-changing journey I practice Ashtanga in the tradition of Sri K. Patthabi Jois and focus on deepening my practice and knowledge by trusting and surrendering to the guidance of authorized teachers of this lineage. I am deeply grateful for having had already twice the chance to study with the lineage holder Guruji Sharath Jois in Mysore, India – in the hope to return to this magic and transformative place regularly.

I am thankful for everyone that plays a part on my Yoga journey – my teachers, my students and my family. Gratefully I know that without their support and trust I would not be able to share this wonderful method nor would I be able to make the sacrifice to do the pilgrimage to the source of Ashtanga.

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