How previous clients experienced their Ayurveda Yoga Bodywork Session…

“In addition to deep relaxation I received increased flexibility as a present, as if my muscles and tissues learned to relax into the asanas …Claudia’s intuitive and body-experienced massage left me with a very grounded and relaxed feeling. Thank you!”

~Rea Mühltau, Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner, Austria, Salzburg

“Claudia is an ayurvedic massage therapist that has the magic hands to help release tension and put your body at total ease. She has a very sweet, caring presence that helps to create a very save space for any client to feel comfortable and at ease. The massage was incredible. I had several areas in my body that were extremely tight and Claudia’s skills and knowledge helped me to release a lot of blocked energy. I highly recommend Claudia as she is not only a skilled massage therapist but also an incredible yogi that is dedicated to understanding the inner workings of the body and how to help all those needing insight on how free the body from pain and discomfort.”

~Mindi Batson., Yoga Teacher Trainer, Transformational Specialist, USA

“I took a massage as a present for my birthday this year and it was definitely an inspired choice. I have taken other massages before, but I felt some pleasant sensations for the first time, like the moon walk. Claudia was concentrated and she managed to relax my mind and stretch my body. Just afterwards I felt somehow taller and this feeling remained in my mind for some days too.”

~Chrysa Lithari, Neuroscientist & Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner, Greece

“I was lucky to have a massage with Claudia shortly after she finished training. She handled the session with ease and professionalism– as if she’d done it for years. She was able to work with my individual pains and physical restrictions and by the end I was thoroughly relaxed (in fact, I fell asleep!) and felt restored and tingly all over.”

~Kitty Schulz, Creative Director & Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner, Chicago

“This massage therapy is great! For me it is very important how the massage or any other body manipulation will influence my practice. So this therapy is very good for practice – soreness and stiffness went away, and the next day and further practice was all light and flowing. Claudia is a really good massage therapist, she feels how much pressure you need and where exactly you need it. After the massage I was relaxed and in good mood. So go for it!”

~Maria, Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner, Russia

“Already during the massage I was convinced, that Ayurveda Yoga Bodywork complements my Yoga practice perfectly. Through Claudias sensitive and skillful touch my whole body received attention that goes quite deep. Muscles and joints are being stretched and moved in a way that seems to be quite impossible in everyday life or even in practice. In the end there she gives a space to deeply sink into the own body. I’d say best you try it out yourself – getting the feeling and experience by yourself will for sure be more convincing than lots of words.”

~Johanna H., Ashtanga Yoga Practitioner, Salzburg

“I had 2 massages with Claudia just after completing her training. After the first massage was over, I asked her 2 questions: 1. You must have done other trainings in massage because that was one of the best massages I have had? She answered “No”. 2. I then asked her when I could book my next one. She is not only very good at meeting your individual needs, but creates a very restorative atmosphere and adjusts throughout the massage to any special requests such as tightness, injury or to an area that needs extra attention. It is not only money well spent but something you will want to repeat.
Thanks, Claudia”

~Craig Morton, Biology Instructor, Canada

“Claudia’s massage was wonderful. It was only the second ever massage I’ve had and from the start she ensured I was comfortable and relaxed. Her touch was firm yet sensitive to my body type. I really enjoyed the feeling during and after the massage… I would highly recommend it!”

~Filipe H. Martins, Career Coach, UK

“The massage Claudia gave me was really new to me. I really enjoyed it! She gave me the right pressure with her care and focused more on the area I needed. I would recommend her.”

~Takako Iida, Massage Therapist, Japan

“Claudia has a natural grace and understanding of the body. She is intuitive and kind. Her massage left me feeling relaxed and uplifted. Great work!”

~Fauna Moore, Massage Therapist, USA

“Claudia is an amazing massage therapist. As a newcomer to Ayurvediac Yoga Massage, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but Claudia immediately put me at ease, with her confidence and friendly manner. She explained everything and always made sure I was comfortable. She took time to focus on particular areas of tension using the perfect amount of pressure. I felt completely relaxed and like I could sleep for days! I would definitely recommend one of Claudia’s massages to anyone, if you have any aches or pains, want to relax or sleep better, or just treat yourself, you won’t regret it!”

~David Glover, Yoga Teacher, UK