Mysore Programme – Daily Morning Practice!

June 6th-July 1st, 2016*
Mo-Fr, 6.30-8.00am**
If you are not yet familiar with practicing “Mysore Style” please read through this Info first!

Cost: € 90,-/€ 75,-***
>>>Please register via Mail!
* No practice on moon days and holidays
** You can come within the given timeframe but should be able to finish your whole practice within.
***Mysore Morning classes from 13.6.-17.6. with Guest Teacher Angelika Anagnostou are to be booked separately (€ 85,-/95,-). Participants of the whole workshop week (Mon-Sun) with Angelika are paying the special rate of € 75,- for the Mysore Programme in June.

Why practice daily?
Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga differs in many aspects from other Yoga styles/methods. We ask you to commit TO a whole month of regular practice, not only to come if it just comfortable fits into your daily schedule. Ideally you come all 5 days of the week when classes are held, with the commitment to practice at home in case you can’t come on a day. Take one day off every week and don’t practice on full and new moon days. Within this month you will not practice to have a break from work but to experience how it feels if you integrate Ashtanga Yoga as part of your daily life. This way of integration is known as Sadhana, a spiritual practice, rather than a physical “work-out”. It doesn’t always need to be your whole practice. Since you will practice daily, you can observe your body and mind way better, how you react on given situations. The asana are the same every day, but we ourselves, our body and mind and overall our emotions are different every day. The Mysore Programme therefore offers you a chance of observation, orientation and perception of what happens within you, how you feel and how you act and react. 

May I come Drop-In?
It is not the idea to come drop-in individually unless you live further away or have a daily practice anyways and other commitments due to which you can’t come every day.

In India & in the whole world…
Daily Mysore classes are being taught traditionally at the Source, in Mysore, India, where I practiced myself 3 months in two trips with my teacher R.Sharath Jois, grandson of Sri K. Patthabi Jois. All authorized and certified Ashtanga Yoga teachers and those who do regularly the pilgrimage to Mysore to learn & study with their teacher, teach this method in the same, traditional way.

Your Commitment!
sIt is a very unfamiliar method, especially in our place, since it is still quite “new” for Salzburg :) I know that it might be a big challenge for most people, to make a commitment regarding a regular Yoga practice, but I honestly believe that you have the strength within you. I believe you are at the point to bring discipline and commitment into your daily life :)

Practicing every day the same?
auf At first it might appear a little bit boring, but it is actually right this, which makes this method so unique and efficient. Since the body is given a routine and a repetitive set of movements, you can observe the transformative process outside and within in a much better way. One day your practice might be “full power” – another day you barely have the motivation to draw yourself onto your mat and start with Surya Namaskar. This is the only way though, to find your own center and learn to accept both days and conditions in the same way. Everyone has preferred and less liked postures, because they are a physical or after a while more often mental challenge. Due to the set sequence though you will practice all asana which gives you the chance to not learn only how to deal with your practice, but with your daily life and challenging situations “off the mat”.

Don’t miss the chance with this month to experience a little bit of the depth of this wonderful and unique practice.

Anticipation, Suggestions, Questions?  Just drop a comment or send me a message!
Thank you and Namastè, Claudia

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