Ashtanga Yoga Weekend Workshop with Ann Arnesson

A weekend full of energy, power, oneness and love with Ann Arnesson came to an end yesterday noon. With gratitude, deepened knowledge and highly inspired I want to look back and acknowledge 1,5 days of great teachings and the very first Ashtanga Yoga Workshop that took place in Bergheim, giving me the chance to host an amazing teacher from Northern Europe.
Weekend WorkshopAnn Arnesson from Sweden, who is teaching Yoga since 11 years and has been traveling to Mysore, the source of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, several times, shared her passion, love and knowledge about this wonderful Yoga method with 16 motivated and interested Yoga practitioners in our lovely Yoga room. We were lucky to spend touching and transforming hours with practice and lectures.

The lecture times included a great introduction into the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. From being a „conscious person“ over the search for the truth inside of us to the important principle of moderation in every sense we came to faith, the probably most important aspect we should never forget. „Ishvara Pranidhana“… just faith. Believe. Without an explanation, without questioning, without a goal. Have faith in something and it will come…
Elephant storyWhile talking about Yoga philosophy, Ann let us think about trying to see things from a different perspective, about standing outside ourselves and about always having and keeping this beginners/students mind. Learning through observation. Taking one step back once a while in order to move many steps forward. And not to forget to recognize and embrace that there is constant change happening, nothing stays, everything is in constant transformation.

Transformation also plays an important role when practicing Mysore Style. This very unique, individual way of practicing Yoga. This wonderful connection with OUR OWN practice, that inspires, creates self esteem and strengthens our drishti/focus. Experiencing a Mysore Style class with this very mixed-level group has been an amazing experience. Raising humidity up to 85% (and therefore breaking the record of World Yoga Day ;) ), heating up the room & the bodies, sweating, receiving individual attention from our lovely guest teacher and overall this ONE AIR that has been breathed by all Yogis & Yoginis, this one air, that flew through 32 nostrils („Nasenlöcher“ – to avoid misunderstandigs) in and out, continuously, creating this high level of energy and togetherness. O N E N E S S.

Led Class
A 1,5 day workshop with great new insights, with an energetic Led and Mysore Style Class, with lots of great questions & answers and therefore interesting discussions all about Yoga…
All participants who have been part of this weekend, made this workshop possible and happen.

Thanks to Ann Arnesson.
Thanks to all participating students.
Thanks from HEART.

„We are all teachers. We are all students.“

Namastè, Claudia.

You can find pictures of the weekend workshop on facebook.