„The thirst should be there.“ – A week with my teacher Sharath

One week and 4 days after leaving Copenhagen I am still feeling more than grateful for having been there. For all the first-times. First time Copenhagen. First time to practice Led Primary 6 days in a row. First time reuniting with so many of the Mysore folks I met last year. First time of „Mysore Magic“ in Europe.

Reflection on Primary Led Classes.
Good energy, a good pace & a lot of Focus… and of course Sharath’s authentic and never-ending count in Utpluthi. So where was the „Magic“ in these classes in Northern Europe? Well, physically I felt quite groggy the first few days having a bad cold and throatache… but similar as in Mysore, Sharath’s presence would make me practice in a physical condition in which I would have done way less if I’d been at home. So the magic happened of course again: Starting off with a blocked nose, little headache, feeling weak and a little sick through all of the Vinyasa count, I was walking out of the Shala in the end feeling healthier than before. Ashtanga Magic.

So the Asanas created Focus. The Breath created Oneness. And Sharath created and put it all down to Simplicity. Why Simplicity? Well from day 1 he would just walk in the Shala Hall, put off his long sports pants, put his small bag on the chair in the front and start right off calling out „Samasthiti“. No need of big words or any introduction to the workshop. But what followed was this great energy, vibration, power and dedication – 300 people started off with „Vande Gurunam…“. Having such a power by itself already, I could feel the mantras power multiplied by the more people who chant it. It created Connection.

Sunday afternoon: Conference.
We all could witness that Yoga allowed us to need as little space as thinkable (300 students fitting in the normal, small Shala of AYC) and generating some laughs Sharath reminded us once again, what we are doing Asanas for. To sit, one day, in an erect position without moving the feet for at least the duration of one conference :) A long way to go. Needless to say, that all words from our teacher are so full of truth and depth, what I love the most is something that I learn more with every day I am on this path: There is no such thing as complexity in Yoga. Yoga and the teachings are simple. What is difficult for us is to understand those simple words. Sharath’s words and answers to students‘ questions are simple too. Yet with such a depth. They always remind me that the beauty lies in discovering and understanding more over time. So there is no need to rush or force understanding. It will come by itself. With practice.

“There was one disciple that wanted to learn yoga. He walked with Swamiji. He washed his toes, cooked for and tended after Swamiji. After being with Swamiji for five years and being noticeably upset, the student one day says, “I have not learned yet what is yoga, I have spent five years cleaning and taking care of you.” The next morning Swamiji left quietly and at five am goes to take a bath. His student wakes up late and comes to bring Swamiji a towel to dry. When the student nears instead of taking the towel Swamiji takes the student’s neck and puts his head inside the water and holds it there. He is struggling, struggling to come up while Swamiji holds him under. Then finally, Swamiji let him go, the student gasps for air. Swamiji says ”This is how one should feel to know what yoga is. The thirst should be there. It is like that one life breath we are gasping for. That is how you go further.“

I am tremendously grateful that there are such great people and long-term practitioners as Susanna Finocchi and Jens Bache, who were making this Copenhagen workshop possible. One could feel the Love and Effort they put in the organization what lead to a big applause of a grateful & big Ashtanga practitioner community on the final day. Reflecting on that week I am again full of energy and inspiration to connect with my teacher through daily practice on my mat.

Everybody has his own journey. But we’re all on the same path.

Feeling blessed and full of love,

(c) www.michellehaymoz.com

(c) Michelle Haymoz – www.michellehaymoz.com

„Diving Deeper“ with Manu Rossi…

Atha yoganusasanam – Now – in the present moment – is Yoga.
Two weeks later and yet there is still a deep feeling of gratitude for a more than inspiring weekend with Manu Rossi. Two days full of new insights, inspiration, beautiful and great talks by a teacher full of enthusiasm that raised the motivation and love for the practice to (our new record of) 87% humidity in the Yoga Shala! Being amidst all other practitioners one could feel the energy and depth created by Manu during the class, accompanied by wonderful adjustments that made everyones Mysore practice a whole new experience.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-28 um 21.28.25I am deeply grateful for the second „bigger“ Ashtanga workshop that took place in Bergheim/Salzburg and to have had a senior teacher coming to visit and teach us in the traditional way. Manu Rossi, who is practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 18 years and has been travelling to Mysore numerous times and still continues to do so, shared in a very genuine way his love, passion and knowledge about this beautiful and unique method with 16 Yoga practitioners in our little Yoga Shala. It was such a beautiful experience to feel the connection to the Source through this genuine authorized teacher and brought back some wonderful Mysore memories to me personally. One question Manu raised at the end of the workshop, when he was talking about „not being the doer“ was „Did I really make the decision to come to Salzburg?“ A girl answered „It was Claudia who invited you to come.“ And as he replied as well, that it was not. Not the initial reason, because the puzzle is always bigger, the chain of circumstances always longer. So yes, I invited Manu to come, but it was necessary before, that Manu, his wife Bella and I started to talking to each other in a restaurant in Mysore last year. It was another thing that we happened to sit on the same table to even have the chance to start talking, when there would have been numerous other tables with other people around. It was the circumstance that we both have been gone to Mysore at the same time, and then, that I was confirmed for November but denied for October to go there. Before, it was only through another circumstance that happened, that I was going to Mysore at all, since the pre-plan last year was to get a new appartement and move in in November 2014, what actually almost happened. So the chain is long, gets always longer and there actually is no set „starting point“ or only one reason that made everything happen. Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-28 um 21.30.40I love to take it as everything else – with my belief that EVERYTHING happens for a (good for your path-)reason. So pretty much it’s always your whole life that led you to the point where you are at now. What made me pretty thankful and grateful…. in Mysore… on this weekend… and still- NOW. So I believe even Manu as well as all you participants, everyone, has his own „chain of circumstances“ that led you to your current state in life. Beautiful that they brought us together for these 2 days. One quote I noted down regarding Asanas was „In each moment be aware of what you are doing, it’s not just happening.“ Looking at these words I love to see them in the bigger picture of everyday life. Nothing happens to you. It all happens for you. To grow. What we all could and did in these 10 hours of „diving deeper“.
Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-28 um 21.29.23
A 2 day workshop with amazing new insights, with an energetic and powerful Led and Mysore Style Class, lots of great questions & answers and talks about Yoga & finally the uplifting magic headstand trick with broomsticks ;)… All participants who have been part of this weekend, made this workshop possible and happen.

The book recommendations that Manu mentioned on the weekend were The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Edwin F. Bryant and Aghora by Robert E. Svoboda.

„…it was such a great weekend!!! It is still in my mind, my body, my being! So inspirational!!!!!!“
„I still feel totally awesome – it was a very inspiring weekend. Not only in terms of asanas but also Manus input on philosophy! I tried reading the Yoga Sutra many times but I just couldn’t wrap my head around it and eventually gave up. Now I think I’ll try again.“
„It was a very awesome weekend! I am very happy and thankful for the time we spent all together with Manu!“
„Unfortunately I was not able to join the workshop this weekend but i was very glad i had the chance to have a whole new mysore experience on Monday. It was an energetic way to start the week!“
„Thanks to Manu for the great adjustments and the inspiring workshop on the weekend. I’m still thinking of some of your thoughts and insights to the yoga philosophy and I’m excited where they’ll bring me.“

Thanks to all who joined. And BIG thanks to Manu. Namastè, Claudia.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-28 um 21.26.31

„One more!“ (?)

Thoughts are wandering around this little special place in Southindia these days a lot. Luckily, being connected worldwide to so many lovely people of the Ashtanga Community it’s one thing popping up in a lot of people’s newsfeed right now: The „Shala“ re-opening this coming november. Reading about the application opening in August it is bringing back instantly a very special feeling, which is so present, when thinking of one year ago. Where my „Mysore“ journey started. Even though people might know how much I loved and was grateful for the time being there it all started before I even went there in real. Hard to understand for anyone who has not experienced this by himself, I will still share this emotional rollercoaster-hours of almost one year ago. Sharing my most personal feelings and thoughts to make transparent what it meant and means to me. To make transparent that no matter what your deepest heartwish, your dream is, to believe in it to make it come true. Diary notes…

„31.7.2014… Originally I planned to re-schedule todays yogaclass earlier in order to be home in time for my KPJAYI application. Due to some weird reason, all students cancelled for today. Coincidence? Destiny? Fate? … So I was sitting already 1,5 hours earlier than needed in front of my Mac. Sending my application at 00.02am India time. I believe this was the right timing. I feel such an urge inside to go to Mysore… Checked the facebook-group for a chat with Satinder & Hannah. Feeling connected to them even though I don’t know them yet. Just right after hitting the Submit button I got the automatic confirmation that the application went through.“ … Days of patience followed… Waiting waiting waiting and checking a crazy amount of times my e-mail inbox… „5.8.2014… Listening to my currently most favourite song Black as the Night from Nahko Bear. Have to think all the time of the confirmation mail from KPJAYI. When will it come? As I woke up this morning I just had dreamed of checking my mails getting the info I got accepted. I was so nervous that I had to get up and check my mails immediately. Of course without an answer. I’m so deeply hoping and wishing and believing I will go there this November. Feel like wanting to cry just when I think of going. I believe in a reason it came to me right now. Without Ann I wouldn’t even have thought about applying. Eventually all things fall into place. This was so true always. It will come as it is supposed to and as it’s the best for me. Still. I wish. From heart.“ … And without knowing that I just had to sleep one more time there was THE next day. „6.8.2014… KEEP REMINDING YOURSELF. IF IT IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN – IT WILL – . I believe in the good things coming coming coming… I. CAN’T. BELIEVE. IT. Got my confirmation letter. Tears of joy are running down my face. Within the same second I need to put on Happy – Full volume. Because I’m happpyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Laughing – crying- smiling – dancing. Awesome. Full of joy, happiness, gratitude. After dancing for quite a while in my appartment, with myself, with huge headphones on my head and loads of crazy movements… I sit down. Quietly. Put in one of my favourite videos. And start getting in the mood. With one of the most intense feelings of gratitude.“

11.6.2015. So November. August. I ask myself „what’s going to happen this year?“… Well, first, being content where I am right now. And second? Guess I’m going to just let life unfold its way to what serves my path best. Holding myself ready for all chances that are going to appear in front of me.

Otherwise I wouldn’t be here – Mysore Reflections…

So after my practice today I got this longing feeling to be back in Mysore soon. Instead of practicing at home this morning I was in the Yoga Shala. I love the space which feels much more special or sacred in a way, since it’s the only purpose of the space to serve as a practice room. At home the „sacred space“ serves as well as a passway from the kitchen to the bedroom, from the couch to the balcony… However, even though I feel less distracted there it’s such a different feeling to be in the Shala with your mat alone, feeling almost lost in this huge field of empty squaremeters where I can listen to noone else’s breath but mine. Especially during those times of teaching, when there is absolute silence and only the rhythmic sound of many students breath is noticeable. Usually I am so present with my students that I just feel as part of the whole scenario. But I admit, there are times, when I get a little bit jealous and long for just being part of „the breath“. So this is the time when I can’t think of anything else than being in a Mysore room myself again. Which led me to pull out my India/Mysore journal of the bookshelf to reminisce about my experiences there… and stop on 14th December 2014, exactly 4 months ago. I was sitting in my all time favourite breakfast place in Gokulam, Mysore, at Santosha Cafe, eating the most delicious ragi pancake with hummus, tomato and spinach, and listening to a wonderful playlist of the owner Arun, in the background. So for myself and for you as well, I’d like to share „my morning“ of this day, according to my journal. There might be some song titles thrown in, that where playing while writing…

Happy… for my way of thinking. Steely Dan – Rikki don’t lose that number. I am free… I am flexible… Having a good talk with a friend sitting next to me who states: „There are three types of people: 1) The „housewives“… the ones who stay at home, are happy with that and don’t need so much to change…explore… move on…. 2) The „dreamers“… the ones who would like to do… who have a bunch of dreams, ideas, wishes,… but don’t start to „do“… Free – All Right Now. and 3) The „travellers“, „liver’s“, „adventurers“… who transform, change, move on, seek for the new, the unknown, who know they have a second family around the whole world, away from home.“ Having that said and reflecting on what group we „obviously“ belong to (being in a small place in Soutindia for several weeks or months) the friend carried on „We are the lucky ones, I guess.“ A big smile is appearing on my face…Boston – More than a feeling. And yes, I am quite happy to feel like and decide to be one of the 3rd kind… Otherwise I wouldn’t be here. In Mysore. Right now. Without a job. With a job. Whatever. Without my boyfriend for two months. Without knowing what comes net. Whatever. NOW I am HERE. How exciting that is. It’s transformation time. It will be something NEW. Next chapter. I like change and I need change. I need transformation, creativity. I like to live my dream. It all started 6 years ago… My life of change. My life of growth. Of exploration. Of new terrain. Sometimes you can only know afterwards of how big importance a certain thing has been. Over time I realize more & more, again & again, what a milestone of my life my „Worldtravel“ in 2008/09 has been. John Lennon – Instant Karma. After which my life changed. My way of thinking changed. To the better. My mind got flexible. My body started and experienced Yoga. My soul found Love. Animals – House of the Rising Sun.

World Yoga Day 2015 – Austria, Spain & USA in Bergheim

14 begeisterte YogiNis, 3 verschiedene Nationen und ein toller Spendenerfolg an einem bewölkten Sonntag-Vormittag…


9. Welt-Yoga-Tag – und wir waren bereits zum 3. Mal dabei! In den zwei Stunden von 11.00-13.00h richteten wir zuerst unsere Aufmerksamkeit nach *innen* um unsere Energie danach 90 Minuten lang in einer geführten Ashtanga Yoga Klasse zu vereinen. Nach einer kurzen, einfachen Pranayama Einheit und einem längeren, herausfordernderen Utplutih zum Ende der Stunde ließen wir die Entspannungsposition Sukhasana zu den engelshaften, bezaubernden und tiefenwirksamen Klängen von Klangschalen und Windspielen „ausklingen“. Eine Premiere war diesmal die jüngste Teilnehmerin der letzte 3 Jahre mit ihren 10 Jahren, wobei die Gruppe bunt gemischten Alters zwischen 10 – 60 Jahre alt war. Die Sonnengrüße sowie alle weiteren Asanas wurden in unserer kleinen Yogashala von den 3 Nationen Österreich, Spanien und den USA vertreten. Ashtangi(ni)s die regelmäßig praktizieren, Yoga-Übende aus anderen Traditionen, aber auch Neulinge, die zum ersten Mal eine so lange Einheit ausprobierten, kamen zusammen, um ihre Energie, Kraft, Ausdauer, Balance und Flexibilität einem guten Zweck zu spenden.
Eine wunderschöne Klasse die mit einem kraftvollen und energiereichen OM begonnen sowie beendet wurde. Im Anschluss wurde noch frisches Bergheimer Bergquellwasser (aus der Leitung) sowie Früchtetee genossen und neben frischem Obst die ein oder andere vegane ;) Manner-Schnitte genascht. Von 27 teilnehmenden Yogagruppen in ganz Österreich waren wir in Bergheim eine von vier Gruppen in Salzburg.

An dieser Stelle ein GROSSES *D*A*N*K*E* an all die lieben Teilnehmer heute, welche sich großzügig an diesem Charity-Event beteiligt haben: Die hölzerne „Spenden-Herzerl-Box“, die ihren Platz unter einem bunten Strauß schönster Tulpen fand hat ingesamt eine Summe von €165,- in sich aufgenommen, welche heuer an das Bildungsprojekt Thriving Scholars von TARA gehen, eine Organisation welche Bildung als Menschenrecht ansieht und fördert.

Wenn ihr von der Yogapraxis heute begeistert wart, freue ich mich wenn ich euch in den nächsten Kursen, die ab März starten, wieder sehe.


14 motivated YogiNis, 3 different nations and a big donation success on a cloudy sunday morning…

9. World Yoga Day – and we joined it already for the 3rd time! Within the 2 hours from 11.00-13.00 we started by drawing our attention inwardly in order to then put the whole created energy into a 90minute Ashtanga Yoga Led Class. Coming to an end, after a short, easy Pranayama session and a longer, more challenging Utplutih we created some lovely, angelic and touching sounds created by windchimes and tibetan singing bowls to make Sukhasana a very special experience. Being only 10 years old we had a premiere with the youngest participant in the last 3 years, although the practicioners ranged from 10-60 years this time. Sun Salutations as well as all following Asanas were represented by 3 nationalities: Austria (well, obviously), Spain and the US. Asthangi(ni)s who practice frequently, Yoga practitioners of other traditions but even Newbies who experienced a class of this length for the first time gathered together, to donate their energy, strength, endurance, balance and flexibility for a good cause. A beautiful class that started and finished with a powerful and energetic OM. Afterwards we all enjoyed refreshing spring water or fruit tea and had a bite of some fresh fruit or traditional and vegan Manner-wafers ;). Out of 27 participating Yoga groups in Austria we were one of 4 representing groups in Salzburg.

I would like to give BIG *T*H*A*N*K*S* to all lovely participants today, who generously donated for a beautiful Charity-Event: The wooden donation box which was almost hiding underneath a colorful bouquet of tulips collected a total amount of €165,- which will be 100% forwarded to the educational programme Thriving Scholars from TARA, an organisation that puts its effort to education as a human right.

If you enjoyed the Ashtanga Yoga class today as well I am looking forward to meet you in one of the upcoming courses again.

Mehr zum World Yoga Day 2015 findet ihr hier.
Mehr zu Saschas monatlichen Ahata Nada Klangreisen findest du hier.

Von Herzen nochmals ein großes *DANKE* an alle die dabei waren.

Namastè, Claudia.